Why Us

Plenty of business

Are you a vendor? Our platform connects you to thousands of customers across Uganda and you know what that means.. high turnover for your business

Are you here to hire or rent? Save money today by hiring from our affordable, trustworthy and vetted vendors. And yes no need to worry about your money because we offer money back guarantee

Enjoy comfort and convenience like never before with our easy to use mobile application. Every thing you require is just a click away

All our vendors are verified and therefore customers get the best shopping experience, no frauds

Amazing User Experience

Multiple Payment Channels

Pay conveniently using any of our multiple payment channels including Mobile Money and Bank

Easily access your funds if you are a vender by quickly initiating a withdraw from the platform, its that easy.

Our miltary grade security ensures that your data is always secure

We provide monitoring of your items via our state of the art mobile app. Your merchandise is safe with us.